N.E. MN Attorney Prevents Housing Eviction, Sets Crucial Housing Law Precedent

Attorney Gwen Updegraff recently won a victory in the Minnesota Court of Appeals, protecting her client’s housing and setting an important precedent for eviction proceedings throughout the state.  In the published decision Hinckley Square, the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the judgment evicting Ms. Updegraff’s client and held that limited partnerships must be represented by an attorney in pleadings and practice. The holding is significant because landlords, often limited partnerships, can be quick to file eviction actions for minor infractions. Requiring that they be represented by counsel ensures that landlords take a more cautious view of eviction actions, especially in greater Minnesota, where legal aid and pro bono attorneys are less available than in the metro area.  Also, courts get a better statement of the law and facts and are able to issue fairer decisions. ​

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