Helping a Client Stand Up to a Fraudulent Landlord

A client suffered a heart attack and underwent bypass surgery and fell behind on her rent.   She appeared without an attorney at her eviction hearing for nonpayment of rent. She was ordered to pay and stay or vacate the premises. She redeemed her rent and stayed.  She had further issues with her landlord threatening to evict her and execute a writ against her. She contacted Legal Services of Northwest Minnesota in Alexandria.  Her attorney, Sherry Bruckner, confirmed with the city that the landlord never had a rental license. Ms. Bruckner secured an affidavit from a city official showing that not only had the premises been unregistered as a rental unit for more than five years, but the landlord affirmatively lied to the city on a form saying that the unit was not being used for rental purposes. Ms. Bruckner filed a motion to vacate the eviction and expunge it.  A judge granted all of the motions. The client’s history has been cleared of this eviction, making her better equipped to obtain secure housing. SherryBruckner

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