Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid helps single mom get critical repairs in her family’s apartment

Heidi and her young daughter thought they’d found the right apartment for their needs. Once they moved in, however, they discovered patches of black mold in places in the closet and behind furniture. The appliances didn’t work and water came through the kitchen ceiling light. Despite the space needing these serious repairs, the landlord refused to fix anything. Heidi went a step further and contacted a city inspector who cited issues with no result. Only after Heidi was having an allergic reaction to the mold, she came to the last resort—stopped paying rent. At this point, the landlord did respond by filing an eviction.

Heidi contacted Legal Aid and the case went to trial. The housing court judge ordered all of the repairs, plus ordered the landlord to pay our client almost $10,000 in rent abatement, as well as prospective rent abatement of $400 a month until the repairs were made. Our client cried when they heard the decision: “This shows there is justice in the system for people like us.”

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